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Private Label Bronzing Drops - Olive

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Why Private Label?

This Private label line was created due to a huge growth in the retail industry in the last year, and the demand for luxury products that are as unique as you and your business are! These custom products will help increase your brand awareness and are an excellent way to cross promote your businesses with other businesses in your area. By having your own line of Private Label products, you will have the unique opportunity to sell wholesale to other businesses and make more money when selling your new Private Label to your clients! 

includes: 1 x 2 oz  Olive Dropper 

How to use?
Bronzer drops can be used in Sunna’s solution for a more dramatic look. Mix 7-10 drops approx in 100 ml of solution. Remember bronzers do wash off after a shower or two.
Warm Brown - Use on its own.
Violet - Mix a little with the Olive or on its own to cut the red or pink tones.
Olive - Beautiful on its own or mixed with Violet. *most popular